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YAMAHA Nouvo SX 125cc

Минимум 5 дня

Yamaha Nuovo SX 125cc АоНанг Краби Таиланд
Yamaha GT 125cc Клонг Муанг Краби Таиланд

Для заказа скутера пришлите нам следующую


1 - Ваше полное имя

2 - Название отеля и номер комнаты

3 - Необходимое количество скутеров и шлемов

4 - Дату и время доставки (мы работаем с 08:00 до 17:00)

на +66619642308 (SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, Line)  или

Аренда байков в Краби


5 - Дату и время возрата (мы работаем с 08:00 до 17:00)

С командой KrabiScooter.com арендовать скутер в

Краби невероятно просто и выгодно!

Бесплатная доставка в пределах Ао Нанг, Клонг Муанг,

Депозит на выбор: паспорт или 100USD + фото паспорта

Нет штрафов за мелкие царапины

Все скутеры в отличном состоянии

Таб Кейк и Ао Нам Мао

У нас

Автоматическая коробка передач

Автоматическая коробка передач

The vehicle is provided with tyres whose condition and number reflect traffic regulations. The Customer shall pay for any damage to tyres, including flat tyres, wheel accessories such as wheel spokes and wheel rim, and fuel.


To get your tyre fixed, refer to google maps by typing in «motorbike repair shop» to find the nearest maintenance station. The average fee is 140 to 200 Baht depending on the shop’s pricing policy.


аонанг аренда байка

Len B - Italy

"We rented a scooter here and could not have had a better experience. It was simple (delivery to hotel), it was quick (delivery and return took about 5 min), it was reliable (scooters were great, almost new, no technical issues at all), it was flexible (Alex was willing to change return dates free of charge at our convenience). Staff was superb, especially Alex!

Have I mentioned it was cheap too?
Definitely book here!"

gallery/ao nang motorbike rental 2
gallery/ao nang motorbike rental 2

김은솔 - South Korea

"Actually motorbike's quality is good. Services are nice even if u have problem with your bike He just solve it right away! More informations about Krabi are in his site also! Nice services good quality! If u want rent bike choose here!"

gallery/ao nang motorbike rental 2

Muhammet Ali Buba - UK

"Texted Alex through Whatsapp upon arrivel at my hotel in Aonang (found his number on the website). He answered instantly and confirmed availability. After the usual information was sent (name, hotel, etc.) he arrived only 30minutes later delivering the scooter at my hotel for free. Unbelievable. Amazing service. The drop off was smooth. He took a picture of my passport, payed him the fee and gave us also two helmets to use. On our last day he picked up the scooter from the hotel. No worries on picking up and dropping of anymore. Very friendly and honest renter and perfect prices comparing to other renters. Recommended!"

gallery/ao nang motorbike rental 2

Компания не оказывает техническую помощь за пределами провинции Краби или на острове Ко Ланта. В случае поломки, Вам придется самостоятельно и за свой счет доставлять скутер в Краби Таун или Ао Нанг. Пожалуйста, помните об этом, покидая провинцию на нашем скутере.

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